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A root canal is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the live part of the tooth due to decay or some other form of damage. The pulp and nerve can be inflamed or infected as a result of deep decay, fractures and cracks, enamel and dentine wear, as well as gum disease.

The root canal procedure

The first stage of the root canal procedure is the examining of your tooth to assess the extent of the damage and determine if is healthy enough to withstand drilling.

Next, a local anesthesia will be applied on the tooth and the tissue surrounding it to numb the tooth before commencement of the otherwise painful procedure. A rubber dam will be used to separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth.

Once you're numb and ready, the dentist will start drilling an access hole through which your pulp will be removed. Removal of the pulp contents is done immediately after. The access hole will be widened to allow for cleaning and removal of leftover debris.

The now-hollow tooth will then be filled with gutta percha before the access hole is sealed using composite resin or some other filling material.

The occlusion will be checked to ensure the tooth doesn't suffer too much bite pressure from the opposite tooth.

A crown may then be placed to encase the repaired tooth.

Receive a root canal today

Root canals provide arguably the most reliable way to save a decaying tooth and foil future infections, sensitivity and pain. Visit a dentist today to see if your aching tooth qualifies for a canal-treatment.

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